The Genco Mongolia Bike Challenge 2010

Passion moves the world.
Its passion that pushes men in pursue of dream, even when a dream seems unattainable.
Our souls give thanks to the passion, the same passion that drives you beyond the unknown, that gives you the sublime strength to accomplish amazing endeavours.
Organizing the The Genco Mongolia Bike Challenge seemed "impossible" in that same way, an unprecedented event in an astounding scenery, wonderful but also cruel.
It has been a very hard challenge: conceiving it, organizing it, dealing with it and bringing it to an end. Five years working, ten thousand kilometers covered before the right tracks to design the ten legs of the MIK: the best and most thrilling of my whole life.
Nevertheless I would never had been ablest achieve this dream alone. I've succeeded thanks to the Great Team that had believed in me and in this "impossible" project.
I deeply feel esteem, gratitude and love for all of them: both those that have been and the ones that today are no more.

Willy Mulonia
MBC Organizer
P/ de la Castellana, 121 Esc Dcha. 4 A
28046 MADRID
Phone Number/fax: +34-918522361
TORINO: +39-347-1409422
ROMA: +39-335-6686603
BRESCIA: +39-347-757-4040

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