Dear athlete, dear friend, we present the GENCO Mongolia Bike Challenge. As you know, we are talking about a unique event in its type and, furthermore, a unique chance to race on your mountainbike in Mongolia.

A long and challenging race, open both to professionals racers and high level amateurs, which will take place entirely in the lonely steppes of Mongolia from which, in the XIII century, the local herdsmen departed led by the valiant Gengis Khan in a short lived but also fast conquest of central Europe, China and the Middle east.

GENCO Mongolia Bike Challenge will not be only a mountain bike race in stages, but more than anything it will be a very strenuous physical trial and a test of psycological endurance which will try every racer.

We have designed a course that every passionate biker may desire; the MBC race offers: extreme deserts, mountain passes, unspoiled rivers and sceneries of rare beauty.

Willy Mulonia
(MBC founder & Race Director)

P/ de la Castellana, 121 Esc Dcha. 4 A
28046 MADRID
Phone Number/fax: +34-918522361
TORINO: +39-347-1409422
ROMA: +39-335-6686603
BRESCIA: +39-347-757-4040

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