Race Information


Leave only tire marks, take only amazing memories

Mongolia is a vast territory and our convoy will only pass through a part of it.

Eighty percent of the Mongolian population has always practiced a nomadic lifestyle, living of what nature offers. In order to respect the local culture and the environment which surrounds us and which provide us with such amazing hospitality, the organization team of The Mongolia Bike Challenge absolutely prohibits any disposal of garbage or unwanted items along the course.

It will be the duty of each competitor to carry with them, until the end of the stage, any kind of waste such as paper, bottles, perforated inner tubes, etc. We also commit to check that when leaving each base camp there will be no trace of our stay. The organization team will also take care of collecting any signage or tape used to define or signal the track after the passing of the last competitor each day.

For the consequences of not following these rules, please refer to:

Appendix 1: Offences and penalties

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