Race Information

Organization & Logistics


The Mongolia Bike Challenge Team consists of people who have been working for more than 20 years within the mountain bike world – people who have competed in, organized and covered some of the most important races world-wide.

Willy Mulonia

Willy Mulonia

Race Director

Roberto Gazzoli

Roberto Gazzoli

Administration Director


Lucas Mulonia Burreros

Refueling Manager

Julian Bueno Risco

Julian Bueno Risco

Race Route Marker

Daniele Ardizoni

Daniele Ardizzone

Race Referee

Lee Rodger

Lee Rodger

Communication Manager & Rider Assistance

Nacho Pellejero

Nacho Pellejero


France Ambassador

Paolo Martelli



For the complete course of events and the logistic movements the organization have at disposal the following infrastructures:

7 lorries of which one is for the transport of luggage and tents, one for the transportation of the kitchen and one with a refrigerator for the transport of food.

17-wheel drive vans

- 3 for the transport of provisions at each third of stage.
- 1 sweep vehicle 
- 1 for the transport of journalists and film professionals/photographers
- 2 for the transport of the rules official
- 1 for the companion people
- 1 for signing the route
- 4 for luggages trasportation
- 4 for the transport of the organization team

2 ambulances

1 off road motorbike for a previous chck signing check route

6 electric petrol generators for 10.000 watts

Police escort into the following towns:

- Ulaan Baatar.
- Guchin-Us.
- Tsetserleg.
- Uyanga.
- Karkorim.

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