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Dear athlete, dear friends, we present The 2022 Mongolia Bike Challenge

The Mongolia Bike Challenge presented by Selle SMP is here.  You can follow the race on our web site or via social media checking the MBC Facebook page to keep up to date. 

Willy Mulonia
(MBC founder & Race Director)




Chinggis Khan Statue Complex

The Chinggis Khan Statue Complex is located 54 km from Ulaanbaatar amongst beautiful natural scenery on the bank of the Tuul River, in a place locally known as “Tsonjin Boldog.”

This is a memorial area connected with historic events. It’s one of the highlights of the project, located relatively close to Ulaanbaatar.  The complex houses some surviving artifacts from the old capital and the days of Ghengis Khan, and the giant shining statue itself is a sight to behold.

Geo Mandal Ger Camp

Mandal Resort was initially established in 2007. In 2011, the resort completed major renovation work and we have been operating there since then.

Mandal Resort strives to provide their guests with an opportunity to experience Mongolian traditional culture, spend time enjoying the natural beauty of the area and to simply relax in their comfortable facilities.

The resort is made up of three smaller villages which have their own special distinctions; Sunny Village, Modern Ger Village and Green Village.

Their professional and friendly staff offer the highest quality service. You can enjoy Western and Mongolian traditional dishes in the restaurant. which can accommodate up to 120 at one time and is perfect place for large gatherings and banquets.

They take special pride in their environmental work. Currently, about eight thousand individual trees, bushes and flower trees were planted on and around the resort. You can also enjoy the greenhouses they run, which produce vegetables and house the tree plantation.

Street lighting at the resort is solar powered.

Steppe Nomads Ger Camp

Steppe Nomads Ger Camps

"Welcome to Steppe Nomads tourist camp!"

With these wonderful words the handsome staff at out ger camp greet you when you arrive. The luxury tourist ger camp was founded by Selena Travel LLC in the picturesque Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve in 2004, in order to provide guests visiting the Nature Reserve with comfortable logding and other necessary services.

Steppe Nomads was built according to environmentally and culturally sustainable development guidelines, and sits amidst the most fascinating landscape of the Nature Reserve, by the River Kherlen. The comfortable ger camp serves as a convinient base to explore the stunning Gun-Galuut and Eastern Mongolia area, whether your interest is hiking, Argali viewing, horse trekking, hiking, watching rare birds, jeep touring, visiting a nomadic family or photographing indigenous wildlife, all can be accommodated here.

13th Century National Park

The 13th Century National Park is located in Erdene country on the hillside of Yol Mountain, 96km from Ulaanbaatar. The 13th Century National Park was built to establish a modern day micro-kingdom that recreates the way of living and working of 13th Century Mongolia. Guests here are guaranteed a lively and exciting stay.

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