Mechanical Service

  • 1st. The day before the first stage we check the bike and prepare it for the race.

  • 2nd. Assistance at the beginning of each stage - pressures are checked and everything gets dialed in.

  • 3rd. Assistance at the end of each stage when the bike gets washed, greased, adjusted and repaired, ready to face the challenge of the next day.

  • 4th. 25% discount on spare parts. It requires filling out a form with the technical characteristics of the bike to guarantee the spare or compatible parts are in stock.

  • Massage service

    This service starts the day before the first stage and ends at the end of the last one. It consists of a recovery and regenerative massage post stage. Includes all the extras such as cold or heat creams, Kinessiotape, bandages and warm-up massage in the morning.

    Everything that the therapist considers necessary to ensure a good performance and that our cyclists finish the race in the best condition.




    You have time until May 30, 2024, to book the services.

    If you would like to book the services: please contact us to book and paid the services: info at


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