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The registration price for The Mongolia Bike Challenge is:

- EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION will open from August 20th. For the first 30 SPOTS the price will be 1.999€€

-2.499 €



Please take a look HERE

Registration closes: JULY 30th, 2024 or when the 108 Spot available will be sold out.

Yes, you can but only if the support IS NOT during the stage !!! Please take a look at COMPANION PEOPLE

The cost for each comapnion people will be € 1.99€
Click HERE for all the info

Yes, in TEAM of 3. Please read Article 5 of the OFFICIAL REGULATION.

All the people have to be in Ulaan Baatar not later then August 9th, 2024 !
The first stage
will begin August 11th, 2024 !

Yes, on average of 3 in each stage.

  • Cookies
  • Cereal bars
  • Dry Fruit
  • Salted Chips
  • Candies
  • Bottled water
  • Coca-Cola

If each stage will be well marked, by means of woodden signs and ribbons. BTW: the GPS is mandatory

OF COURSE. Use the GPS is MANDATORY. It's possible to download GPS tracks of each stage from the website even if each stage will be well marked. 

You can see al the details about each stage in on our RACE INFORMATION PACKAGE 

The scenario where we will move is really wild, so it will be possible in determined points.
In this case the evacuation cost are NOT included on the race fee! The rider will have to cover them himself.

We can find from 10º to 30 ºC during the day and 0 ºC during the night.

It depends about your nationality. Please contact the Mongolian Ambassy.

One bike and one 100 lt duffel bag.
All your belongings must be put inside this bag (included bike's spare parts)

No, they are NOT. Any hotels overnights in Ulaan Baatar are not included.

In a Ger Camp tents (4 cyclist in each one)

NOT ANY MORE! MBC has changed. More confort for every body. :-)

The entry fee DOES NOT include ANY insurance. Every registered person  has to have his own mandatory insurance. 

Not, it's not. Anyway we suggest to be covered with the antitetatanus.

We suggest the following:

•    Antibiotics for intestinal infections (e.g. Cyprofloxacin cp 500 mg)
•    Antidyarrhoic drugs (e.g. Loperamid cp)
•    Analgesic drugs (e.g. Paracetamol, Aspirin, Diclofenac)
•    Antiacids (e.g. Maalox)
•    Sunscreen and topic cortison
•    Eyedrops
•    Adhesive bandages
•    Mouthwash for sore throat

The mechanical assistance is provided by + QUEBICI

The organization will, at the end of each stage, have a mechanics station which will have most of what is necessary for the normal disassembly and maintenance of a mountain bike. Any part provided by the organization will be charged to the racer at a market price.

The mechanical service have to be booked within June 30th 2024.

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