Race Information


Official daily schedule for the 2024 MBC

Each day will have a schedule that needs to be strictly followed, allowing us to ensure rider safety and that each competitor will be greeted by showers, hot food and a space to relax after the day's racing. Due to weather and terrain conditions, timing may be subject to changes. In that case all participants will be informed by the Organizing Team.

The estimated daily schedule is reported in the table below:

  •   06.30 am: official wake up
  •   07.01-08.00 am: breakfast and bags delivery
  •   08.00-8.15 am: personal set up
  •   08.30 am: start
  •   2.00-5.00 pm: end of the stage.
  •   5.00 pm-6.30 pm: set up of personal items and bike check-up.
  •   6.30pm- 7.00pm: awards of the day, briefing, delivery of water bottles.
  •   7.30pm: dinner.



All athletes should arrive at Ulaan Batar (UB) by this day (August 9, 2024). It's not mandatory but it is suggested in case of lost bikes or luggage. 

Once you landed, and if you have booked with us, the organization will be at the airport waiting for you to transfer you to our Official Head Quarter BAYANGOL HOTEL

To book the Hotel, please contact us to MBC2024@pa-cycling.cc

1st Day: PICK UP NUMBERAugust 10th

During the day the racers will be free of commitments but will be responsible to set up and prepare their bikes, hand over all the documentation requested and pick up the race number, starting from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

At 5:00 p.m: Official presentation of The Mongolia Bike Challenge and Rider Briefing. The entire staff will be introduced at the info point based at the Bayangol Hotel.

2nd Day: STAGE 1, The KHAN StageAugust 11th

1st stage of the Mongolia Bike Challenge (see description)

3rd Day: STAGE 2August 12th

2nd stage of the Mongolia Bike Challenge ( Stage Description )

4th Day: STAGE 3August 13th

3rd stage of the Mongolia Bike Challenge ( Stage Description )


5th Day: STAGE 4August 14th

4th stage of the Mongolia Bike Challenge ( Stage Description )

6th Day: STAGE 5August 15th

5th stage of the Mongolia Bike Challenge ( Stage Description )

7th Day: STAGE 6, The KHATAN StageAugust 16th

6th stage of the Mongolia Bike Challenge ( Stage Description )



At 8:30 a.m.: TRANSFER BACK to Ulaan Baatar in front of our Head Quarter “BAYANGOL HOTEL”. It will take 6 hours.

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