Race Regulations for the Mongolia Bike Challenge.

The safety of our riders is an absolute priority. Listed here are the regulations by which each participant of the Mongolia Bike Challenge has to comply.

Ignorance of the rules will not be considered as a mitigating factor.




Art.1Definition of Competition

Mongolia Bike Challenge (MBC) is a mountain bike / gravel bike stage race that takes place in Mongolia 

Art.2General requirements and acceptance of regulations

3.1.    The rules set out below are designed to ensure the safety of racers, support fundamental concept of fair play and maintain the overall integrity of the race itself. 

3.2.    Every racer is supposed to have read and understood the Official Regulation of the race and to respect it.

3.3.    A failure to comply with any of the rules will result in a penalty, which could include racer’s disqualification. Categories for penalties are detailed on section 27 (Offences and penalties).

3.4.    In case any additional rule is required, or in the event that a specific provision regarding an incident has not been included in these rules, the decision of the Race Director will be final.


Art.3Mongolia Bike Challenge Organizer

2.1.    PA Events S.L. is the official organizer of the Mongolia Bike Challenge. In the rest of this document we will refer to it as “Organizing Team”.

2.2.    PA Events S.L. is furthermore holder of the trademark and takes care of the event appearance, logistics and image as well as communication with the local authorities where the race takes place. Those authorities are identified as the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism of Mongolia, and the Mongolian Tourism Association.


Art.4Conditions for the admission to the race

4.1.    Anyone 18 years of age at the moment of the start of the race, from any nationality, is admitted to the competition with no discrimination as long as fitness, medical and health conditions are appropriate for the event.

4.2.    Each applicant must present a medical/sportive health certificate proving he is fit. Those documents must be handed in at the same time of registration and are mandatory to complete the registration successfully. 

4.3.    Every racer must sign a waiver form, thereby releasing the organization from any responsibility regarding their own health. 


Art.5Race Categories

5.1.    Racers will be divided in race categories and gender category: 

Each category is officially composed and rewarded with a minimum of 5 athletes. 

5.2.    In addition to the categories above, every racer can request the Organizing Team to compete as a 3-person team (with other 2 racers as team members) in an extra category called TEAM 3, providing a name for the team. 

Team 3 category will have its own classification and prizes. However, every member from any team competing in Team 3 category will also compete in their own category.

5.3.    A mandatory condition for Team 3 classification is that all team members cross all of the stages’ finish line. If this condition is not met by any of the team members, the entire team will be removed from Team 3 classification.

5.4.    Racing time for each stage for each team is determined as the sum of the times of all team members crossing the stage finish line.

5.5.    The Organizing Team will prepare a list of the overall results, as well as one for each category at the end of each stage and at the end of the race. For prize ceremony and acknowledgements please refer to the article within the Race Information Package.

Sportman: 18 to 32 years
Master 1: 33 to 42 years
Master 2:   43 to 49 years
Veteran: Over 50 years
Female: 18 years and above
TEAM 3: 18 years and above

Art.6Stage Start

6.1.    There will be only one start valid for all the racers at the beginning of every stage.

6.2.    All the racers must ride under the starting arch if designated by the Organizing Team. Otherwise, racers must cross the start line. Racers not crossing the start line/passing under the starting arch may be disqualified.
6.3.    If a rider arrives late to the start line, they will be treated as if they started with the race, but they will be added a penalty consisting of the time difference between the racer and the official start). However, the rider must start within 60 minutes from the official start time. If they arrive later, they will be treated as a Non-Finisher for the stage (they may still ride the stage, but will have their race number showing Non-Finisher status). 

6.4.    Timing for all racers will be based on the official time provided by the Organizing Team by manual equipment (hours, minutes, seconds). 

6.5.    Start time, as well as technical issues and track details, will be communicated during a briefing every evening before the next stage.


Art.7Nutrition and hydration during the race

7.1.    Every racer is authorized and encouraged to organize their liquid and energetic supplies as he wish.

7.2.    For each stage, the Organizing Team will provide a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 refreshment points along the route. The number of refreshment points depends on the distance and difficulty level of the stage.
7.3.    Racers cannot ride though the refreshing point and grab a bottle/food without fully stopping, with both feet on the ground. Failure to stop will result in a penalty.

7.4.    Refreshment points are of non-specific character, giving the chance to anyone to use them as they wish. Therefore, it is not allowed to entrust them with personal food, drinks or other objects. Should a racer have special needs, it will be their own responsibility to carry those items with them during the race. 

7.5.    Racers are not allowed to throw food, drink, containers or waste along the route. Failure to comply will result in a penalty. Waste must be discharged at the refreshment or at the checkpoints



8.1.    Time checkpoints will be placed along the track and at refreshment points.
8.2.    Racers who are not detected at the checkpoints may be disqualified. 

8.3.    The Race Organization may include hidden checkpoints during the course of a stage.


Art.9Riders Identification

9.1.    Every athlete must display their race number on their bike as well as on their jersey at all times and in good condition. 

9.2.    Bike number plates must be firmly fixed on the front of the bike and must not be hidden by cables, GPS units or any other item. Racers not displaying their number properly will be given a first warning and, following a second offence, a time penalty as specified in section 27 (Offences and penalties). 

9.3.    Bike number plates cannot be altered, cut or forged in any way. Tampering with the plate may lead to disqualification from the race.
9.4.    Should the racer change bike during the race, the number must be transferred to the new bike immediately.

9.5.    Should the number during the competition degenerate, the racer must hand it to the staff and ask for substitution. 

9.6.    Every category leader is obliged to wear the official shirt of the leader provided by the Organizing Team. 
The color of the leaders’ jersey (male and female) will be PINK

9.7.    Leader not wearing the pink jersey will be charged with a time penalty.



10.1.    Racers cannot change or hide the race sponsors on the race number plates or those provided by the Organizing Team.

10.2.    Every racer is allowed to wear sponsored uniform or to carry trademarks of any personal sponsor, if they do not hide the race sponsors provided by the Organizing Team.

10.3.    The Organizing Team will hide any racer’s sponsor that is considered not compatible with MBC, offensive or of bad taste.



11.1.    Racers must complete the full designated route and distance of all stages foreseen by MBC.

11.2.    The designated route will be marked clearly with posts and signs by the Organizing Team. However, due to the extreme nature of the environment, the use of a GPS unit is strongly recommended to double-check the markings set along the stages.

11.3.    Every racer must follow the official route at all times, follow the direction of the Organizing Team without taking shortcuts. The responsibility to follow the official route lies within every racer.

11.4.    If a racer exits the route for any reason, they must return to the course at the same point from which they exited.
11.5.    Official and hidden checkpoints will be key points to avoid racer shortcuts, and therefore ensuring the spirit of a sports competition.
11.6.    Race Director ultimately decides over the application of a partial or complete change to the route of the stage, depending on unforeseen situations such as extreme necessity or general security. 

Art.12Mechanical Assistance

12.1.    Racers should count on their own abilities and not be dependent upon the Organization to repair their bikes. However, for basic repairs, there will be a mechanical workshop present at the camps. 

12.2.    At each refreshment point the Organizing Team Staff will be present in order to help out in case of small repairs.

12.3.    Mechanical help can only be accepted from authorized members of the Organizing Team or from other willing racers, officially registered. Should the racer use help from the outside during the stage they will get a penalty. 



13.1.    Every racer participates under their will and responsibility. Therefore, the Organizing Team cannot be made liable for any accident, fall or illness occurring during the entire duration of the race.

13.2.    Every racer must report as soon as possible to the Organizing Team about any accident/injury witnessed along the route.

13.3.    At every refreshment point there will be equipment available in order to transport injured racers to the camp (radio stations connected to the camp and to the vans of the Organizing Team). 

13.4.    Any injured racer transported to the finish line will lose any possibility to be considered as “Official Race Finisher”. He will be considered as “Non Finisher” (see section #15). 

13.5.    Every racer requested by any member of the Organizing Team to help out in case of serious injury occurred to another racer must stop riding and make themselves available for help. The racer will still be considered as “Official Finisher”, even if they do not cross the stage finish line within the time limit, and they will maintain the position they had in the previous day’s classification. If the racer does not follow the Organizing Team direction and indications, they will be disqualified from the race.

13.6.    There is no full-time helicopter coverage.

13.7.    There will be a first-aid center as well as a medical team at the camp after the finish line of every stage.

13.8.    No personal insurance is foreseen for the racer by the Organizing Team. However, the Organizing Team strongly recommends to come to MBC with a personal insurance. 

Art.14Seconding and drafting

14.1.    No assistance or help from the outside is permitted under any circumstance. The penalty for such unsportsmanlike behavior is disqualification.

14.2.    Drafting is permitted only between racers taking part to the MBC. Any other form of drafting (e.g.: drafting behind an outcast rider, private vehicle, motorcycle, truck or official race vehicles) is not permitted and may lead to disqualification.


Art.15Time limit

15.1.    There will be a set time limit for every stage of the Mongolia Bike Challenge. The time limit is determined by the Organizing Team according to the length of each stage and the conditions of the terrain.

15.2.    The time limit is defined as the maximum time allowed to ride the length of the whole stage of the official route, from the start to the finish line. 

15.3.    Only racers who complete all the stages and every stage within the stage time limit will be considered “Official Race Finisher”.

15.4.    The time limit can be updated (reduced or increased) by the Organizing Team for logistic, or security reasons. Any update will be informed to the racers during the briefing prior the start of the stage. 

15.5.    The time limit may be also changed during the stage by the Organizing Team, due to environmental or safety reasons. These changes will be informed in the most appropriate way according to the circumstances.

15.6.    Any racer who fails to complete the stage within the official time limit is equivalent to a "partial withdrawal" racer (see next Item #17). The racer will be assigned the time of the last racer of the stage who finished within the time limit, plus a penalty of 50% of the difference between the first and last time of the stage in progress, with a minimum of 30 minutes.

15.7.    Failure to meet the time limit in a single stage, as well as the partial withdrawal in a single stage, will automatically remove the racer from being an official Race Finisher (see Item #27: Ranking and Prizes). The racer will be then considered as “Non Finisher”. They will keep the same race number but with different color plate to distinguish them from those who still qualify to become "Official Finishers".

15.8.    “Non Finisher” racers will be authorized to continue the race (i.e. they are able to ride the following stage) but they will be excluded from stage and final classifications.

15.9.    The “Non Finisher” racer who decides to continue the race must still abide by the time limit set for each remaining stage. 

15.10.    The racer who fails twice to finish a stage within time limit will not be allowed to continue the race.


Art.16GPM Time bonuses

16.1.    At the top of the highest climbs along the route of the stages, the Organizing Team will place GPM’s (Grand Prix of the Mountain). Total GPM number and exact location will be reported within Race Information Package and will be confirmed during the briefing prior the relevant stage.

16.2.    At every GPM, a crossing line will be marked in order to identify 1st, 2nd and 3rd racer to cross it.

16.3.    Based on classification, the first 3 racers will get a time bonus that will be computed in the final overall ranking.


Art.17Partial or definitive withdrawal from the race

17.1.    Partial withdrawal: a racer withdraws from the stage for any reason (e.g. mechanical problems), but they are willing to continue the next day.

17.2.    Any racer withdrawing from the race must inform the Organizing Team as soon and hand over his number. Organizing Team will transport him/her and their bike to the camp at the end of the stage.

17.3.    Any racer withdrawing for whatever reason from a stage will be considered as “Non Finisher” (see item #15.7-15.10). In this case, as per item#15.6, the racer will be assigned the time of the last racer of the stage who finished within the time limit, plus a penalty of 50% of the difference between the first and last time of the stage in progress, with a minimum of 30 minutes.

17.4.    Definitive withdrawal: it means the withdrawal of any racer from the race.

17.5.    Any racer withdrawing from the race must inform the Organizing Team as soon and hand over his number. Organizing Team will transport him/her and their bike to the camp at the end of the stage. For the remaining days, the withdrawn racer will be transported in the vehicles of the Organizing Team following the race convoy until the end of the race. In case of any other transportation arrangement requested by the withdrawn racer (e.g.: transport to nearest town/airport), the Organizing Team will make all the efforts to organize it, granted that entire cost will be charged to the racer. 

17.6.    Any racer forced to ‘definitive withdraw’ from the race will be removed from classification. 


Art.18Coverage and image rights

18.1.    The Organizing Team has all image rights for the images of the event. By registering, every racer automatically authorizes the Organizing Team to use their name, image and contextual situations. This rule is valid for every racer, including those whose image is protected by other sponsors in different contexts (e.g. professional racers). 

18.2.    Any photo or video created privately during the MBC can only be used for private purpose prior to specific authorization by the Organizing Team. 

Art.19Technical equipment and personal security

19.1.    Every racer is suggested and encouraged to use his own GPS unit to exactly identify his position for security reasons, even if MBC is not an orientation race and the complete route is well marked in every point. The GPS tracks of the entire race are available from the organization and can be downloaded from the website. 

19.2.    In order to guarantee racer’s personal security, each racer is requested to carry with him during every stage, the following security equipment:
•    Officially approved helmet (closed and correctly worn at all times);
•    Whistle;
•    Thermal Blanket;
•    Reflective surface;
•    Electric front torch or similar;
Surprise checks will be made to verify the integrity of security equipment. See Race Information Package for further details.

19.3.    Appropriate riding gear must be worn at all times. Based on past years’ experience, every racer is suggested to be prepared also for heavy rain and sudden temperature’ changes.


20.1.    Only mountain bikes (26”, 29” and 27.5” and Single speed) in good working order will be admitted to start the stage.

20.2.    Bicycles will be propelled only by the racer’s legs action through a chainset, without any form of assistance (electrical or otherwise). 

20.3.    Bike number plates must be firmly fixed on the front of the bike and perfectly visible (see item#9).

20.4.    Handlebar ends and extensions shall be plugged and must not have sharp or jagged edges.

20.5.    Tandem bikes complying with the requirements set out in rules 20.1-20.4 are admitted to start the stage as well.

20.6.    Any component or equipment may be changed or swapped during the race but a racer must complete the race with the same number plate assigned prior to the start of first stage.

20.7.    Swapping or exchanging of complete bicycles between racers, due to extreme necessity, must be requested and agreed with Organizing Team.

20.8.    In case of any repair or maintenance activity needed on the bicycle during any stage, racers are still required to finish the stage within time limit (see item#15).

20.9.    Maintenance of bicycles during the race is the responsibility of each rider. 


21.1.    Protests must be submitted in writing within 2 hours to the Race Referee after the racer crosses the finish line.

21.2.    A deposit of 50 Euros must accompany each protest before the protest will be considered.

21.3.    Only if the protest is upheld, the deposit will be returned.

21.4.    Results of the protests will be submitted within 30 minutes of the results being posted. 


Art.22Respecting the environment and infrastructure

22.1.    Every racer must follow all the indications for the protection of 
the environment and infrastructure given by the Organizing Team with care, respecting therefore the place and the population as well as keeping up the sport spirit of this event.

22.2.    It is strictly prohibited to wash bikes in rivers or streams, as well as contaminating those with any chemical substance. Rivers and streams represent most of the times the only water supply available to the local population. 

22.3.    It is strictly prohibited to light fires at any camp location.

22.4     Racers are responsible for their own trash. They must leave each camp as they found it. In the event that leftover trash is found at a camp after the race has started, the responsible racer will be assigned a time penalty. In case the trash is found in a communal tent, all the racers assigned to that tent will be held responsible and assigned a time penalty.

Any incorrect behavior regarding the environment will be punished severely by the organizers.

Art.23Traffic regulations

23.1.    The race does not have exclusive use of any public or private roads during the race.


24.1.    MBC Organizing Team reserves the right to conduct doping tests on all racers.

24.2.    Positive results will lead to disqualification from the event.


Art.25Fair play

25.1.    All racers are expected to show good sportsmanship and must not use offensive or abusive language during the race, act in an unsporting manner, be disrespectful to the officials or ignore the race regulations. 

25.2.    Racers must act in a polite manner at all times and permit any faster racer to overtake without obstructing.


Art.26Ranking and prizes

26.1.    “Official Finishers” of the MBC will receive the unique bike shirt that proves and confirms the fantastic performance achieved. 

26.2.    Stage ranking will be defined at the end of each stage considering the time amount necessary for any racer to complete the official stage route from the start to the finish line.

26.3.    Final overall ranking at the end of the race will be defined by the sum of all stage times of each racer to get a total time adding also time bonuses (see item#16) and penalties, if any, accumulated during all the stages. 

26.4.    Prizes will be given to the first 3 racers of each category and to the first 3 racers of the overall ranking. 

26.5.    The first 3 classified on the overall classification will not be awarded in their own category.

26.6.    A fair-play prize will be given to the racer who will distinguish themselves for their availability, sportsman-like conduct and selflessness. 

26.7.    All participants, regardless the final result, will receive an official MBC gadget. 


Art.27Offences and penalties

27.1.    Every racer can collect only one warning, it does not matter which offence is related to. After the first warning and in case of a second offence, the racer will get a time penalty as per the second offence based on the table showed on OFFICIAL REGULATION.

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